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Social Work Designee

Legal Authority

According to subsection 43-41-02 (4) of the North Dakota law, employment of social work designees is allowed ONLY in the following facilities:

  • hospitals;
  • basic care facilities;
  • skilled nursing facilities.

Practice Requirements

Social work designees must work under the direction or consultation of a North Dakota licensed social worker.

The Board does not have any mandates or guidelines regarding the direction or consultation of social work designees.  The only requirement is the Board must be notified of the following:

  • name of social work designee;
  • name of licensee who is providing direction or consultation;
  • the facility at which the social work designee is employed.
The licensee providing direction or consultation may notify the Board by updating the licensee's profile online, or the social work designee or employer may notify the Board in writing or via e-mail.