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Continuing Education Audit

The Audit Process

The Board monitors compliance with the continuing education requirement through an audit system.  Every even-numbered year, immediately following the licensure renewal period, the Board randomly selects a percentage of licensees to be audited.  If you are selected for the audit

  • you will receive an audit notice and Continuing Education Report form; 
  • you will be required to complete and submit this form along with copies of proof of completion for all continuing education hours; 
  • information received in the Board office in response to an audit will not be returned to you.  You should keep original documents; 
  • the time period for which you are being audited will be stated in the notice of continuing education audit.

Proof of Completion of Hours

Proof of completion of the continuing education hours is either

  • a copy of the completion certificate issued to you by the continuing education provider, or
  • a signed statement of completion by either the continuing education provider or your work supervisor. 
  • For academic coursework, a transcript or grade report showing your name, school name, grade earned, number of credits earned, and dates attended is adequate proof of completion.

Retention of Continuing Education Documents

The Board recommends you keep your continuing education documents for 4 years from the date of completion.