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Approved Provider Status

Approved providers are defined as those organizations, continuing education companies, government agency or division, or individuals which are approved by the Board to provide continuing education without the need for prior Board review on a program by program basis.  An approved provider may provide an unlimited number of programs each year.

Approved Provider Requirements

  • Approved providers must issue certificates of completion to attendees of their programs. 
  • The certificates must include the attendee’s name and license number (if known), title of the program, date of program, Board-issued Approved Provider number, and total of hours earned by attendee. 
  • The Board recommends copies of completion certificates, attendance rosters, and program information be kept on file for 4 years. 
  • Failure to provide programs which comply with the Board’s guidelines for acceptable continuing education may result in the loss of Approved Provider Status.


The fee for Approved Provider Status is $100.


Renewal of Approved Provider Status

A notice of renewal will be mailed to the Approved Provider approximately 3 months prior to the expiration date of the Approved Provider Status.  Approved providers must ensure all programs offered contain a course outline, learning objectives, and an evaluation of the learning outcome of participants.  These documents must be provided to the Board at the time renewal of the Approved Provider Status is requested.