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Application for LBSW License by Reciprocity

Before 8/1/2019, this level was known as the LSW level and may still be reflected as such on some forms and information as we work to update them. 

Please read this page carefully before completing the application to avoid delays in your licensure process. 

You will need to submit the following forms and documents:

Criminal History Background Check/Child Abuse and Neglect Background Inquiry – Once the Board office receives your completed application, you will be mailed the background check packet. Once the completed forms and fee are received, it can take 4-5 weeks to get the results. Your license will not be issued until we have received the results! More information can be found here.

Reference forms are not required when applying by reciprocity.

License Verification – You must request the licensing board of each state you have held or currently hold a license to complete the license verification form. The Board will also accept a letter verifying your license from the state board(s). You must also submit an application for licensure either online or submit the paper form.

Laws and Rules – You must send the laws and rules from the jurisdiction in which you are licensed, which were in effect at the time you were initially licensed in that jurisdiction.  The laws and rules must include the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a license in that jurisdiction. You can send this or request the licensing board to send it. The Board will not accept a website link to a state board's website. The Laws and Rules must be a printed copy or an emailed PDF file. 

License Fee – The Board has a license fee of $75. You may make the check or money order payable to NDBSWE. The fee can be paid at any time during the licensure process. Your license will not be issued until this fee is received. 

Once all items are received, your application will be reviewed by the Board's Legal Counsel before being issued. He determines if the laws regarding license requirements in the state you are currently licensed are similar to the laws in ND. This may take 1-2 weeks. License certificates are mailed on a weekly basis. If your application needs to be reviewed by the Board for any reason, your license will not be issued until the Board has reviewed and approved your application. All documentation must be received before the Board will review your application. Please review the Meeting Dates page for upcoming Board meetings. 

When you submit your application and your information is added to the Board's database, you may view your Applicaiton Status at anytime to keep updated on your license application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to keep updated on their application status. The Board does not send out emails about your application status. If you have any questions about your application, please email the Board office.