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Subject Matter

As per N.D. Admin. Code, Board-approved continuing education course content must relate to: theories and concepts of human behavior and the social environment; social work knowledge and skills; social work research or practice evaluation; social work ethics; or cross disciplinary courses directly relevant to social work practice or specialty.

Licensees are required to earn 2 contact hours in social work ethics per 2-year licensure period.

Is any of the subject matter ethics related?

Instructional Methods

Licensees are limited to 10 contact hours earned via self-study or distance learning methods.

Presenter(s) Qualifications

Evaluation Methods

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Attendance Reporting

You will be responsible for issuing certificates of completion to all attendees stating the name and license number; also include on the certificate the title of the training, date of training, NDBSWE issued program approval number, and how many hours the attendee earned. The NDBSWE recommends you keep copies of the certificates or an attendance roster on file for 4 years. Failure to do so may result in future denial of program approval.